Melinda Cadwallader knows good beauty.

As a beautician with over 15 years in the industry, I’ve seen it all and I’ve colored it all. I’ve made dark hair light, light hair dark, taken green hair back to blonde and made grey disappear.

When you sat in my chair, my only agenda was to make you feel beautiful, and when beauty made itself known,  I knew it. All the doubt and fear you walked in with remained unchanged during those few hours in my chair, but I would watch you walk out a new woman; a woman with supreme confidence in her posture.

I’m just the same as you. Indulge this red-head with a vibrant tone, glossy-shine and a great haircut,  and this mama can take on the world.

I’m convinced Wonder Woman felt exactly the same way, just take a look at her posture. The only difference between her and us is that she has taken her beautiful confidence and capabilities and united them with purpose and vision.

Wonder Woman was a matriarch. And so are you.

I’m serious! Look around you, I guarantee there is at least one person that is eagerly anticipating your care, concern and attention.

Now say it out loud: I AM A MATRIARCH.

If you are ready and available to begin living as a matriarch you must begin believing in the beauty of who you are.

I’m sorry to say, this is not {entirely} about hair and makeup. That either completely relieved you or it bummed you out a bit. It is also not about following rules and fulfilling an obligation or duty. There is no Proverbs 31 or Titus 2 checklist Im going to bulletpoint.

I’m talking about letting the light of who you are, shine; becoming a beautiful reflection of your Creator.

Are you ready? Let’s do this. Sit in my chair for just a minute and let me give you a proper consultation.

Let me start by saying: You are beautiful.

Toss out everything you have ever learned about beauty. Remember that pretty, popular girl in the 5th grade; the one all the boys said was the most beautiful girl in the class? She was never your measure of real beauty. Let it go. Let your unhealthy vision of an ideal appearance fall away. And go wash your hands, you got stains from clutching to that magazine ad for so long.

While you’re in there, look in the mirror. Go.  Open your eyes; fix your gaze on yourself. You see that woman? She is beauty. She was created in the likeness of her Creator and she is you. You are His masterpiece. You are striking. Raise your brow and lift your chin; you are worthy of His perfect love. There is nothing lowly about you.

Your eyes are charming; worthy to feast on the glorious displays of God’s creation. Your focus is equipped to identify needs and send swells to your heart for being part of the restoration. Those eyes of yours were designed to communicate the love of your Father. Feast your eyes on Him, and allow His perfect love to cast a reflection onto you.

The shape and color of your eyes was not chance. There is great purpose in even this tiny, intricate detail of your being .Seek out colors and designs that complement the beautiful landscaping, called your face.

Your nose is precise. The angles slope, width and length were designed specifically with you in mind. Your nose is equipped to sniff out lies, delight in blissful aromas and alert you to things turning bad. Other senses are reliant on the capabilities of your nose; do not disregard its notifications.

Your mouth is exquisite. Soft and delicate, your lips are equipped with the power of words- to both build a generation up and tear down corrupt empires. Through these lips comes the voice of hope; a song of deliverance; shouts of joy and poems of peace. Turn it up and you will display a force so strong it can break through chains of hopelessness as it quickly communicates with your ears, eyes and nose; all responding  in aligned expressions of unity. These messages of light and energy course throughout your entire body, surging His presence into our atmosphere the more we expose truth and love.


You are a matriarch.

Your skills are many and your talents are numerous. Stop listening to the voices that disqualify and deny you – your presence is desperately needed and your voice is absolutely necessary. Know this. If you were not a vessel of hope, the darkness would not resist your residence.

You have already overcome death; don’t you see just how brilliant you are already? Because of that most incredible triumph, you are now fully equipped to conquer fear, battle doubt, ward off depression and quiet anxiety; fully equipped to master jealousy, remove bitterness, ignore hopelessness and remain steadfast.

You are a matriarch.

You are a beacon of hope, a pillar of strength and a covering of love for those around you.Your life points others towards eternal life; your presence dispels the darkness; your voice counters the counterfeits.

You are a matriarch.

You are strong enough to look behind you and declare, “No more!”; confident enough to look within you and proclaim, “Love lives here!”; compassionate enough to look around you and say, “This way!”; and brave enough to look ahead of you and laugh at the days to come.

You are a matriarch and this is where it all begins: within you.







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