I am glamorous.

Glamour is the attractive or exciting quality that makes people or things seem appealing or special. Every person on this planet holds a bit of glamour –  a special  something that makes them unique.

My 20 year career within the beauty industry has been nothing but extremely glamorous.  I felt like a true to life Carrie Bradshaw:  working downtown Denver, commuting by light rail, shoe fetish in full effect, and with makeup, hair and fashion as my close friends.  I was constantly surrounded by kind, successful, loving and powerful women. I’m speaking of not only my co-workers, but the women that were led into my chair each day. I learned how to listen, and lead others by serving them, first. There is something fascinating about using your hands, your ears and your mouth to bring to the surface the glamorous qualities that lie within others. I thrive when I am free to help people discover the beauty of who they are.

Recently I began the journey of a college degree, at 40 years old, because I am passionate about bringing about a fresh dynamic of leadership; one that is from the ground up, just as new life grows upward, so does a thriving community when their leadership is a strong foundation and healthy at the root.

I believe that an organizations greatest resource is human capital. If you nurture and grow your people, they will spread your impact.

Melinda Cadwallader



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