Melinda Cadwallader

Melinda Cadwallader

I L.O.V.E.  glamour.  What is glamour, really, you say?  Glamour is  the attractive or exciting quality that makes certain people or things seem appealing or special. Every woman contains a bit of glamour; that special  something that makes her unique. And there is nothing more fabulous then helping a woman to recognize her own glamour and delight in it!

My career has been “glamorous” .  Leadership within the beauty industry was nothing more than exciting, creative, fashionable and extremely glamorous.  I felt like a true to life ,Carrie Bradshaw:  Working downtown; commuting by light rail; shoe fetish in full effect; makeup, hair and fashion expertise my forte and being surrounded by incredible, successfull and powerful women each and every day.  My own unique giftings, skills and talents were seductively drawn out while living and working within this beautiful industry. I developed a deeper passion for bringing to the surface, the full potential of real beauty, in others.  I love helping women discover the beauty of who they are,  in every aspect of their life.  What I believed what “what I did” was really “who I am”.

After years of inspiring others, I became increasingly aware that my own family was being neglected. All of my passion was focused on others, leaving my very own loved ones with my “leftovers”. And in 2009, my daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia.  That was it.  That very day, I left the fulfilling career and fabulous-ness of it all,  to take total and complete care of my family.  I was ready and eager to “do what I do” and “be who I am” to the most important people on the planet: my family. I knew I was capable of creating a new, healthy culture in our family –  a loving, inspiring and dynamic family.  My family became my first ministry and I committed to God, from that day forward, that my precious gifts: my husband, my children and my home, will have my full attention.  Little did I know, that this whole mothering and wife thing was actually a passion inside me, too.

My heart expanded that day as I began the journey of finding the REAL me – the woman I was created to be; the woman who LIVED OUT her passions – passions being those endeavors that  stir up an “alive-ness” inside  us all.  Thus began the embark into the greatest adventure of my life:  My family.  Learning to be the wife and  mother each member of my family needs.

What I have found thus far, is this: the more I give my ambitions to the Lord, the more he stretches my heart to find ways it will bless and fulfill my family. So far, He has given my children a new mother and my husband a new wife, and thankfully, it was me.

Today I live out “WHO I am” with an identity-driven life.  There is a beauty in each of us – a beauty waiting to come ALIVE.

Inspiring others is still what I do, but more importantly, it’s who I am.

Melinda Cadwallader

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