She Is Sure, She Is Free.

Free will is a personal gift.

Free will is power. It is the right to choose for ourselves, independently, of even heavy influence.

Free will allows us to break habits, draw lines in the sand, and think critically.

Free will is designed for our good. It is not a tool of judgement or control.

Out of the experiences of practicing free will, comes a knowing.

Out of knowing, comes a confidence.

When we know, when we are confident, we are truly free.

I said Truly Free.

Free to let them judge. Free to stand alone.

Standing alone, in confidence.

Confidence is remaining sure amidst questioning winds.

Confidence sits with peace in the eye of the storm.

An Equipped Woman is a confident pillar. She stands as an inspiration and strength to some and a symbol of pride and contention to others. Our judgements of her will take their shape in our hearts as we look upon her with either delight or disdain.

For that is our free will.

As for her…

she is not moved.

Our delight does not fill her up and our disdain does not deflate her.

She is sure and she is free.

She is an Equipped Woman.